A nice unpacking of VRM

Check out in on…

… which appeared in that order. I love the graphics too. One sample:


Great fodder for discussion at this week.


  1. Almar van der Krogt

    I strongly agree with this point of view. Instead of ‘feeds’ I would however speak of ‘flags’ (also to avoid confusion with regular/non-commercial feeds). A flag saying something like “I’m in the market for ‘a roundtrip to Boston'”. Ideally, you would be able to set these flags on your online personal page (like Netvibes.com) or one of profile pages at a social network.

  2. Doc Searls

    I like “flags”. Especially if they are selectively visible, or visible in a way by which I control how much about my needs is revealed.

  3. Eve M.

    Doc– Thanks for the support! Wish you were here!

    Regarding flags vs. feeds… My slides ended up with a description of the feed-based relationship management model, so I was focusing particularly on that; as long as we start paying attention to a “relationship forging and maintenance” function that helps individuals share their data on their terms, I’m happy to go with whatever technical solution works.

    (And now I get a chance to plug the final diagram, which I quite liked 🙂 — check it out on slide 27 of http://www.xmlgrrl.com/publications/Maler-NZIDConf-Apr2008.pdf .)

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