In ProjectVRM we’ve been talking for some time about equipping users with tools for both independence and engagement. In a detailed paper titled Mine! as VRM InfrastructureAdriana Lukas has given a name to at least one toolbox: Mine!

I like it.

It begins,

This paper sets out to describe a version of infrastructure or foundation for VRM (Vendor Relationship Management) based on an alternative view on sharing information online between individuals and of online identity. It sets out to explain the strategy and tactics for design, development and adoption of tools – the Mine! and FeedMe (see glossary) – and creation of an infrastructure for other solutions – VRM (relationships with individuals and vendors, transactions), self-defined identity, authentication, data portability and hopefully many more. The aim is to equip individuals with tools to take charge of their data (content, relationships, transactions, knowledge), arrange (analyse, manipulate, combine, mash-up) them according to their needs and preferences and share them on their own terms whilst connected and networked on the web.

With regard to technical aspects, the goals of this paper are, again, to:

  1. invent as little as possible
  2. reuse only popular technologies, techniques and user-interface metaphors in order to enable VRM, and…
  3. provide maximal inclusiveness and extensibility to the Mine! implementation, to permit the greatest potential for growth.

This is very consistent with what Andre Durand started saying back around the turn of the millennium, and what I said in my closing keynote at Digital ID World (DIDW) in 2003.

We are finally there.