Toward a feeds-based VRM ecology

Alec Muffett and Adriana Lukas have been at work on “Feeds-based VRM”, which they call A Web-Centric Approach to VRM Implementation. I like the goals:

  1. invent as little as possible
  2. reuse only popular technologies, techniques and user-interface metaphors in order to enable VRM, and…
  3. provide maximal inclusiveness and extensibility to the VRM implementation, to permit the greatest potential for growth.

Check it out and see what you think.

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  1. christopher carfi

    adriana and i talked about this a LOT at the last IIW, prior to the session where the notion was discussed in more detail.

    one tweak to the approach would be to state what “type” of post and individual element in the feed is. for example, i can think of three broad types of items i’d want to put into my feed:

    1) search items (things i’m keen on learning more about from vendors)
    2) shop items (things i’d like to purchase from vendors)
    3) help items (things i have about which i need assistance)


    a post looking for specific(-ish) information about a domain would be type 1, search:

    the canonical “personal rfp” would fall into bucket (2), shop.

    a “help” post like this would fall into bucket (3), help.

    these three VRM-oriented areas of “search-shop-help” are neatly the converse of the typical CRM pillars of “market-sell-support,” by the way.

    i likey.

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