Who in CRM 2.0 will help VRM 0.1?

I like following Paul Greenberg’s blog, which focuses on what he calls CRM 2.0. He’s hip to VRM, calls it a “labor movement for customers”, and kindly lists it as one of the developments to watch (or places to watch for developments) in 2009.

Here he ists CRM companies to watch for in 2009. Before reading that list, I had barely heard of any of them. Mostly I’ve been looking at big companies like Oracle, Salesforce and Microsoft and SAP.

So now I’m wondering which, if any, of these companies (including Oracle and the rest) are following VRM and might like to work with us on customer-side tool development.

Meanwhile, it’s interesting to see what’s hapening with the CRM entry on Wikipedia. The 11:10, 19 January 2009 was the last to include a “Market Structure” section with a table of companies, which I found quite helpful. The next version, 06:43, 20 January 2009, by, cut most of that section out, and considerably shortened the entry.

Here’s a comparison. I think somebody is working on the entry as I write this. If they’re following this, it would be nice to get the missing table back. (My MediaWiki editing skills aren’t up to it, and I don’t feel qualified to do it anyway. Just watching along here.)


  1. Rebecca Caroe


    Nice observation and tracking at Wikipedia! I was with Don Peppers and Martha Rogers in CRM 1.0. I am in conversation with Don about VRM and have sent him a couple of links.


  2. Todd

    Question: Do you consider Thor Muller’s Get Satisfaction to be in the VRM class?

    Also, if Get Satisfaction is considered a VRM where does it rank as a heuristic tool, for us long suffering Consumers, amongst Mr. Greenberg’s list? Didn’t see any mention of it anywhere.

  3. Paul Greenberg

    Hi Doc,
    Thanks for the very kind words. Its entirely mutual. To me, you are a pioneer and cutting edge thinker who I truly think makes a real difference in the world of the customer – and business.

    I suspect that many of the companies that I put on my watchlist have heard of VRM but haven’t considered it in any way. I’m happy to either carry the torch to it (including Oracle and SAP) or introduce you into it. I think that several of them may be receptive. Let me know how to proceed and as Peyton Manning says, “we’re on like Donkey Kong.”


  4. Doc Searls

    Thanks, Paul. You’re an ace.

    How to proceed: email me at dsearls at cyber dot law dot harvard dot edu. We can talk on the phone next. There are many others in the VRM community who can carry the torch as well — on both coasts, in Canada and in Europe. We already have some relationships at CRM companies. (One of our steering committee meetings was held at Oracle, attended by Oracle CRM brass. Very productive.)

    We also plan to have a VRM + CRM workshop, probably here at Harvard, this Spring. Help with that is welcome too.

    Meanwhile, thanks for everything. Looking forward.


  5. christopher carfi

    /me presses the [“i read this”] r-button

    /me is stoked that two of my favorite folks on the planet are getting more closely connected around the CRM + VRM thing

  6. Paul Greenberg

    Hi Doc,
    Sent you an email the other day. Also, do me a favor and follow me on Twitter (I follow you already) @pgreenbe. I’m in the Frankfurt airport on the way to Mumbai/Bombay but will be back soon. I want to begin the process of contacting CRM companies in my sphere to see how they can help VRM move along – they need to see the value prop. They don’t quite yet. Though there is an inkling.

  7. Doc Searls

    @pgreenbe, you have one more follower now. Thanks!

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