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More catching up here, now from my comfortable chair and my very own desk with the big screen and the open windows and the cool Pacific air wafting up our hill overlooking Santa Barbara… man, I do like this place. Anyway, here goes…

First, a great line (in this case a tweet) from David Wienberger: “As I’m standing outside the Pearly Gates, I hope that G-d doesn’t tell me, ‘Your soul is very important to me.'”

Next, Craig Leonard’s Vendor Relationship Management and it’s Impact on What We Do.

Then, Netweaver’s It’s all about the relationship.

Then, Chris Heuer’s It’s about conversation, not marketing.

Then, David Tebbut asks Who controls your information?

And, spurred by my health issues, John Cass writes Doc is sick, let’s talk about VRM while Mark Scrimshire writes The Doc is right.

Also, Graham Saad’s Organisations should embrace VRM with open arms.

There are more, but I need to run. Wanted to get these up while they were in front of me.

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