I’ve been in a health tunnel, but there’s light at the end of it now, so I’m getting down to taking public notes on recent VRM postings. Here goes.

It’s not a VRM post, but I like Kevin Marks’ How to be viral.

In Traditional CRM, CRM 2.0, VRM — Who Gives a !*@#?, Paul Greenberg actually has positive and important things to say about VRM, its inevitable dialog with CRM, and the challenge of something he calls The Scenario.

My6Sense is a start-up that I’m gathering from mumblings may be in the greater VRM space.

Echovar sees us entering a decade it embarrasses me to name. Insightful stuff.

Chris Heuer’s Toward a More Social Organization touches on VRM

Diane Mermigas urges marketers to revisit Cluetrain, and mentions VRM. Good take on the ‘train, too.

In The Shaping of Things to Come, JP Rangaswami sees some VRM stuff going on with Amazon.