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Rao Aswath, a technologist and telecom industry veteran of long standing, has been working on EnThinnai, which he describes as a VRM tool and more. He runs down a list of VRM principles (in some detail), and concludes,

It is apparent that EnThinnai meets almost all of the principles set forward for VRM. The way EnThinnai is setup, no single entity can have a dominant control. Since we use OpenID and third party authorization, artificial network effect is removed. The whole Internet could be part of every individual customer’s network.

Check it out and see what you think.


  1. PJ

    It’s a good start. Now I’d like it to be open source (he can still charge for hosting it) so I can run it myself and have full control over my data.

    • Doc Searls

      I have the same thoughts. I think it has a much better chance to become common infrastructure if it’s open sourced.

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