Is the VRM-enabled customer a black belt gorilla?


  1. Crosbie Fitch

    Better version here:

    Who copied who?

  2. Doc Searls

    Wow. Good question, Crosbie. I suspect the latter came first.

    What I like about the SAP video, however, is that it gives us the equivalent of Linux’s penguin: a mascot to represent the independent customer.

    I really like the Black Belt Gorilla. If we adopt it, we should tip our hats to SAP for giving us the idea.

  3. John Caddell

    Doc, Crosbie, neither is original.

    it is a direct copy of a famous cognitive experiment from scientists Daniel Simons and Christopher Chabris of the University of Illinois–right down to the intruding gorilla. (Here’s the original:

    While watching the video, I saw the gorilla (the effect of knowing it was coming), but I missed something else important–some acknowledgement or attribution that this was derived from Daniel Simons and Christopher Chabris’ work.

    And that, to me, is shameful. SAP’s marketing team should have higher principles.

    regards, John

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