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Mike Taht: What I want most, at the moment, is a means to prohibit all the 4th class mail I get. I think a stirringly popular initiative some politician could make in the coming election would be to promote a “” – and also promote extensions to that will also ban solicitations from charities and government officials.

Can we achieve the same result without the feds? Or will the nature of a relationship API on the customer’s side suggest something far better (and mutually beneficial on both sides) than 4th class spam mail?


  1. Rose Sharkevich

    There has to be something the States or Government can do about all THIS JUNK mail that is sent to us. I have tryed so many times & called these catalog companies to stop and what do you think we still get this junk, what a waste of money. I would also like all charities to stop this pratice also if I want to donate I do so I belong to alot of charities & I don not call people I do not know.

  2. jenny phelps

    I absolutly hate getting mail from all the credit card companies. Getting mail from the credit card companies increases the opportunities for those seeking to steel identity from individuals. If the “Do not mail” becomes available then I will be one of the first ones to register

  3. Video Games

    People need to be a lot more careful these days, it’s true

  4. Lisa Peterson

    What a waste of trees! I won’t even waste my time looking at these. They go right into the trash.

  5. LMC

    You can call the credit card companies and request to be removed from their mailing list. Additionally, going to the website and clicking on remove from mailings/calls will also cut down on unwanted mail.
    I have started to scratch my address off of these mailers, then writing on the item “Remove me from your mailing list immediately”.
    This has helped!


  6. Gurudaas

    I normally send junk mail** back in pre-paid envelopes to credit card companies.

    Because the number they put on all there mail is for APPLYING for the card & not for talking to customer service.

    ** typical junk mail would be – take catalogs of 1 credit card company & send it to other. This way it costs them a money, & it is helping USPS.

  7. Paulie

    I’m behine this junk mail 100%
    I have called some of these credit card places and also mailed their return envelopes back to them telling them to take me off their mailing list and it does not do any good.
    Political mail is another issue.

    Change the law.

  8. stan Mordensky

    I would like to see a “Nat’l do not mail for junk mail” and an automatic “Opt out” instead of automatically “opted in” w/all banks, credit card & fiancial companies one doe s business with.

    These are both major time wasters.

    I am thankful for thje Nat’l “DO NOT CALL” LIST.

    Stan Mordensky, Age 59.75
    Ijamsville, MD 21754

  9. carolyn

    i’m tired of getting publishers clearing house, and car warranty postcards which are so annoying, how can i get rid of this crap mail?
    carolyn P. age 29
    summerfield, fl

  10. gary noe

    The most effective way to eliminate unwanted junk mail is to put all of the “junk” into the return envelope provided, as long as it is postage free,
    and mail it back to them. As stated above.

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