John Federico (@gadgetboy) writes this in MyCubi: A Local Auction Marketplace for Services in Your Neighborhood:

MyCubi (pronounced “My Cubee”)wants to make local marketplaces more efficient by bringing buyers and service providers together.

Service providers visiting MyCubi are encourage to create a Cubi – a free web page that enables businesses to market, trade and communicate with potential customers in their local market.Visitors to MyCubi that are looking for services can post a Cubi Call – a free RFP that let’s service providers bid against each other for the project.

All of these buy and sell requests are placed on a map, so you know not with whom you’re doing business but where they’re located.

This is the start of a marketplace of intentions or what some call Vendor Relationship Management, albeti a simple version of it. No longer do you need to narrow your search for a provider based on referrals and recommendations. Sure, you’ll still want to get those, but you can simultaneously post to MyCubi and have local companies compete for your business.

And it’s not just Business-to-Business – consumers can use MyCubi, too. For instance, there are numerous entries in MyCubi for babysitters. Why not landscapers, house painters and dog walkers?

While it will certainly improve as more providers and buyers join the platform, you can start using MyCubi right now – there are no geographical restrictions.

Of course, the big question has yet to be answered: how does MyCubi make money? No idea, yet. The service is currently free for buyers and providers.

Anybody checked it out? Be curious to see how it goes.