Looking back on a forward-moving workshop

I’m up the coast at a nice old-fashioned hotel in Portland, Maine, with my first opportunity to follow up on an outstanding first-ever VRM Workshop. Lots of progress was made on many efforts. Lots of topics came up that surprised and encourged me. VRM and information portablility inside health care, for example.

Here are the pix I shot. Those of you with Flickr notation privileges, please feel free to label people, sessions and so on.

Chris Carfi has some extensive coverage of the worshop here and (especially) here.

So does Mark Scrimshire. In this post he adds, “I believe that The Student-Faculty-Institution inter-relationships could make a great field test for VRM. Harvard would be a great place to test out some of the theories”. Great suggestion. Mark also blogged on VRM and the Medical Home concept.

Sean Bohan streamed much video during the workshop (Alston Bolen was watching), and also pointed to the stream of tweets. I hope some of the recordings show up soon.

Here’s VRM’s own tweetpile.

JP Rangaswami couldn’t make the workshop, but blogged wisely on VRM and related topics while participating vicariously.

Tom Guariello shot a video of my opening talk on Day 2. David Cushman watched it, and advised mobile operators to “sit down first”. (Speaking of mobile operators, here’s my talk about VRM at Mobile Monday in Amsterdam last month.) The Head Lemur calls it “the latest attempt by Doc Searls to bitchslap companies into realizing what Peer to Peer means”. I like the Lemur’s opening graf:

A lot of companies never got the memo that the Internet is a Peer to Peer medium, meaning that anybody with a keyboard, internet access, and a bad attitude has just as much power as a multi million dollar, multi national organization out here. Our cost to publish is less than a round of Golf, and is a hell of a lot faster. Even News organizations haven’t figured out that the 24 hour news cycle has been replaced by the 24 second news cycle.

 InContext approves of the workshop

Blogging from the workshop, Joe Andrieu observes that the social graph is plural.

Gerald Beuchelt says the workshop “helped me quite a bit to sort out how Identity Management and VRM intersect, but also differ in some respect”.

That’s all I have time to blog before showering in our hotel before heading back on the road, as the family goes to a gathering for the next few days here in Maine. More later.

Once again, great job, everybody!


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