PGreenburg: should we call CRM 2.0….duh…..VRM?

Bart Stevens: VRM vrs the “I waste a 1 billion dollar/year industry, and The wheel, fire and… VRM.

Nick Brisbourne: VRM – requirements of a good service.

Keith HopperEmpowering the individual creates beneficial outcomes and cultivates an environment where these contributions are most valuable. Since the best participatory environments exist to serve individuals and address their interests first and foremost, the heavy-handed, centralized actions or exploitation of participants corrupts an online collective environment irreparably. Ideally, participants develop a feeling of ownership over the environment, and providing such an atmosphere is indispensable to ensure the environment’s continuance.

Martin Kuppinger: For me, VRM, infocards and technologies like U-Prove are the pieces of a puzzle which, when ready, shows personalization and profiling as the picture.

Nilhan: The Web 2.0 Social VRM impact on Insurance and Financial Services.