Thanks to the good folks putting on the 2nd European Identity Conference, also known (and now tagged) as , we  have starting in advance of it at the same location in Munich.

VRM2008 will take place on 21-22 April (all day Monday, and up until lunch at 1300 on Tuesday). EIC2008 will follow for the rest of 22 April and on through Friday, 25 April.

We also learned recently that is one of three finalists for a Special Award to be given at the European Identity Award Ceremony on the evening of 22 April. I’ll be there for all of it. This includes a talk titled What Happens When the Users are Really In Charge, at 1030 on Wednesday 23 April. An interview with Dr. Christian Stöcker, SPIEGEL Online, will follow.

Here’s the deal. Anybody registering for VRM2008 will receive:

  • a conference pass for VRM2008 (21-22 April)
  • all EIC keynotes on 22nd April
  • the evening event on 22nd April with buffet dinner, Bavarian beer and a great live band
  • the Internet Scale Identity track sessions on 23rd April, which include the talk and interview listed above.

The event location, Forum am Deutschen Museum, is in the center of Munich.

Free registration is here.