Month: December 2007

Inverting the paradigm

to Jon Udell:

In my view, the problem Jon has raised for discussion is one of a great many that have surfaced because institutions “elided” users from business interactions.  One of the main reasons for this is that institutions had computers long before it could be assumed that individuals did.

It will take a while for our society to rebalance – and even invert some paradigms – given the fact that we as individuals are now computerized too.

This is the core of VRM, which is about equipping individuals with tools of independence and engagement.

It is, indeed, paradigm inversion.

Demand organizes supply

So is talking here at about how he creates and manages his own interactions with the marketing mechanisms in the world. Can’t detail it here, but it’s interesting stuff, and I want to get it down in a blog, much as he does in his own blog.

is also up on the screen. Cool angle on the same thing.

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