Some collected items, some old, some new…

Products I Want, an intentcasting post by Johannes Ernst.

On cricket, riots, trust and customer advocacy and The Dimes; a modern retail fable, by JP Rangaswami.

Own your identity, by Phil Windley, responds to The VRM perspective.

On personal clouds:

Groupon’s group discount on the Tech sector, by Tom Foremski.

Several posts on adtech:

Doc Searls and the Intention Economy, held at Capital One Labs wasn’t covered but was tweeted. Find a few bits at the intersection of @dsearls and  #smwwdc.

Android for independence.

@shelisrael – “Advertisers call this contextual advertising. I call it spam.” #intentioneconomy #VRM

RT @pfasano: NYTimes: Search Option From Facebook Is Privacy Test #VRM

RT @pfasano: NYTimes: Search Option From Facebook Is Privacy Test #VRM 26, 2013 gammydodger (gammydodger) 

Smarter information, smarter consumers, by Richard Thaler and Will Tucker in Harvard Business Review

RT @GrahamHill: @Lynn_Teo If you want another view of #vrm watch Alan Mitchell’s preso on Responding to the Empowered Customer http://t. … January 26, 2013 gammydodger (gammydodger)

RT @seanbohan: Future of Ecommerce 2013 from @heatherAtaylor & @Econsultancy includes a nice mention about @dsearls & #VRM http … January 26, 2013gammydodger (gammydodger)

RT @Toon: #VRM & Trust Networks pitched in Davos by Sandy Petland “Digital society did not turn out how we hoped…own your data” ht …January 26, 2013 gammydodger (gammydodger)

Will Consumer Transaction Data Drive New Online Marketplaces?

Refactoring Consumer Electronics, Bob Frankston

What if companies gave me control of my data? by , Consumer Affairs Minister, in Which? Conversation.