Brett King in How Steve Jobs Changed Banking Forever:

In the end when the dust settles, there will still be banks at the backend owning the wires, payments networks and carrying the risk, but they won’t own the customer. The customer will hardly notice banking embedded in their daily life as they go shopping with their phone, as they buy a new car or home, or as they travel overseas or send their kids off to college. It will just be a part of our everyday life…

The italics are mine.

I’ve long thought banking would be an ideal fourth party, for the simple reason that banks are services that tend to work on our side of the demand/supply divide. Each of us also refers to our banks in the first person singular possessive voice: my bank.

Banks are places where we store personal value. They also care about the form of personal data we call money.

I could go on, but I’d rather hear what ya’ll think.