So, as I was explaining VRM to some people this morning, and how we were equipping individuals with tools for both independence and engagement, an analogy came up: role playing games. Dungeons & Dragons. World of Warcraft. Final Fantasy.

I was blown away. Not because it’s a great analogy, but because I … just didn’t know. I’ve never played any of these games. But the people I was talking to had (or still did) play these games. And they were getting something about VRM that I wasn’t saying.

So, rather than show a blank face again, I’d like to probe the possibility that There Might Be Something Here.

Dungeons & Dragons, Wikipedia tells me, has characters that can be equipped with “Strength, Dexterity, Constitution, Intelligence, Wisdom, and Charisma.” Hmm… What would be the equivalent for a VRM-enabled customer? Respectability? Able? How do you have those in a selectively-disclosed way? Are you cloaked or something?

So I’m looking for some help here. I’m giving a Big Talk tomorrow morning about VRM (among other things… but VRM is the big topic). While I’m not starved for analogies, I think we need more than we’ve had so far, and that my elderly ass can come up with. And I suspect this role-playing thing has legs.

Especially if there’s a RPG in which relationship matters more, or at least as much, as killing bad guys (or dragons, or ennui, or whatever).

I’ll betcha there is one. Or more.

What are they? Need answers today. Or by 6am Eastern Time tomorrow.

For this gig, anyway.

Good analogies are forever. Or long enough. Post your thoughts in the comments below. Thanks.